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Every year, we Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Rehome, Reunite or Release hundreds of animals.

If you are able to help us continue our work

please make a donation to Lulubells Rescue today.


Rescue - Helping Those in Need

With our clear mission always in mind, our team of dedicated volunteers respond – day or night - to the endless reports of lost, injured, mistreated or unwanted animals. And we also take in animals that are dearly loved by their owners but can no longer stay with them. This work takes time, commitment and compassion and we strive continually to find new ways to raise funds and make our Rescue work more effective.


Rehabilitate - Step-by-Step

The rehabilitation of an animal after a stressful or traumatic experience requires patience, love and expertise and can be critical to finding that animal a permanent new home. Lulubells Rescue works closely with the local community and with other animal charities in finding the resources to meet the rehabilitation needs of the animals in our care.

Rehome - Finding A Perfect Home

Our goal is to ensure that every animal who comes into our care lives a happy life. We spend time getting to know both the animal in our care and the potential new owner so that the right match can be made.

Reunite - Back Together

So many beloved pets go missing every year and when we can, we bring some of those animals back together with their rightful owners. Finding the owner is not always possible but microchipping your pet and keeping the chip details up to date is the best way of being reunited with them if they ever go missing.

Release - Back to the Wild

Every year, we release scores of hedgehogs, foxes, swans, ducks and other species back into the wild or into a protected sanctuary where they can live as near-wild a life as possible. Most of these animals are rescued by our team following a call from a member of the public after having been hit by a car or found injured. Their veterinary care and careful rehabilitation can take many weeks but the reward of seeing them finally released to live in the wild where they belong is worth every minute.

No matter how big or small your donation, every little really does help.

A gift of £5 will buy 4 days worth of food for a cat or 6 days worth of food for a small dog

A gift of £20 will cover 2 flea treatments for kittens, 2 boxes of kitten milk powder or a comfy bed for a fostered animal.


There are a number of ways you can make a donation.

If you have preloved items we could use such as cat or dog beds, blankets, food... please get in touch here. 

You can click the button below to donate by card

and make a difference in minutes.

Or you can donate via our Amazon Wishlist, click the button below to see which items we currently need.

On behalf of all the animals you may just have helped, thank you for caring.


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