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Make a Donation

We absolutely love what we do but as a non-profit organisation, we heavily depend on the amazing donations that we receive from the community. As we haven't been able to do any fundraising due to the COVID pandemic, we can only raise money through your support. 

Please donate what you can. It really goes a long way and the animals at Lulubells Rescue will thank you! 

Donate Today

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This can help buy 4 days worth of wet food for a kitty or 6 days worth of food for a dog!

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This can help cover for some amazing toys, blankets and lots of bedding for our guinea pigs/rabbits/hamsters!

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You are AWESOME!

This will help cover any of the below:

  • 2 flea treatments for kittens

  • 2 boxes of kitten milk powder for our bottle fed babies

  • Cat bed or dog bed

  • Vet trip

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Any amount big or small will help us greatly and continue the amazing work for animals all over!

Amazon Wishlist

We always really appreciate any form of donations, whether it is a PayPal donation or food donation.

If you prefer to donate via our Amazon Wishlist, click the button below to be taken to our Wishlist.

Thank you in advance for your continuing support and donations during these challenging times!

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