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Autumn & Leaf

Autumn & Leaf

Autumn and Leaf are a bonded mother and son that we are looking to rehome together.

Autumn is just over a year old so is still almost only a kitten herself! She is a great mum to Acorn, Butterscotch and Leaf calling them and regularly checking on them. 

She has taken Leaf under her wing who is the more skittish of the kittens.


Age: 14 months (approx)

Breed: Tabby & white

Gender: Female

Personality: Autumn is gentle and affectionate, with six kittens she is incredibly relaxed, she is both an independent and affectionate cat and will make it known when it's time to pay attention to her. She loves to sit in your lap and have a fuss made over her.


Age: 11 weeks (approx.)

Breed: Black & white

Gender: Male

Personality: Leaf is a little bit more skittish compared to his sisters, but he will make it clear when you have earned his trust (which doesn't take long!). He loves to chase his tail or chase anything that makes a noise. He is incredibily inquisitive and loves to watch what's going on.


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