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Finding the perfect home

Understanding Our Animals

Our beautiful rescue animals have come very far on their journey with Lulubells Rescue. Being rescued is only a small part of it! Some of our rescues have gone through a lot of trauma such as neglect, abuse, loss of their human companion and so much more.

So it is absolutely vital for us to really understand their behaviour and history so that we can build their perfect future.

Our Fosters really help us with this and have the greatest understanding when they provide a loving home. We are entirely grateful for all the support and work that they do to help rehabilitate them. Without them, we would be very lost!

Dog & Cat Pals

Vetting Every Application

Finding the perfect home is no easy feat but we are always up for a challenge, especially for our animals!

Pre-Covid, we were able to complete home checks and getting to know the potential adopters. However, when Covid hit, we needed to find a way to still ensure that we were doing the right thing by our animals.

With every application, we sit down with our team members and sift through every application and discuss which application would be most suitable. We have to keep in mind, every animal has gone through something different and all have their unique and quirky personality! So we do our best to match the wonderful human to the animal. 

All too often, we see that some time down the line, these beautiful animals get returned to the rescue. Believe it or not, a lot of rescues do experience this. We don't have any judgment with this, but it is very sad to see this happen. So ensuring that we thoroughly check each application is very important to us!

Adoption Time!

We always get excited when we find the perfect home for our rescue animals. It is an exciting moment and an emotional one too. All the hard work really pays off!

Before they officially get adopted, we always make sure that they get a clean bill of health, get their first vaccination, and of course, the all-important spay/neuter surgery.

This doesn't end here though. Our lovely adopters do keep us up to date with their progress and we continue to support them if they ever do need us or just want a lovely cup of tea with their furbaby!

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