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Our main goal with all our animals is that they are safe wherever they go,

whether it will be a new forever home or back to their natural habitat.

Over the many years, Lulubells Rescue have saved, rehabilitated and rehomed many gorgeous animals;

cats, dogs, kittens, rabbits, guinea-pigs and so much more!

Our team are dedicated to making sure that they have the best life possible.

Check out below and read up on their stories and where they are now!

Mr T _JoC in carrier.0075.png

On the 18th August 2022 a lovely lady called Maria contacted LuluBells about a baby hedgehog she had found in her garden who was cvovered – and I mean covered – in tics. This is him soon after he arrived – it took almost an hour to get 58 tics off him. There were still a few small ones around his face but we decided to leave them for now.

The process of de-tic-ing is fiddly; you need a tic tool, a steady hand and good eyesight. Luckily our resident expert was on -hand.

Mr T on arrival 2022-09-25 at 10.08.43 PM.jpeg
Deticing MrT  2022-09-25 at 10.08.42 PM (1).jpeg
Mr T - 40tics in tin  2022-09-25 at 10.08.40 PM.jpeg

By Sept 5th, Mr T (otherwise known as Ticy for reasons that are probably obvious) hasn’t put on as much weight as we’d like, so he’s wormed and checked by the vet. It seems he may have had psrasites too and was really quite unwell. Hedgehogs need to be more than 500g to have a fighting chance of surviving a winter in the wild so it looks like Mr T could be with us for a few weeks yet.

But by the 19th he weighs in at 604g (wehey!!) and his finder – who’s been dying to release him back into her garden – is ready to hot foot it over to pick him up.

Ticy is transferred to a seond foster home while arrangements are made for his release and on the 25th he finally starts his journey back to where he was found, now weighing a whopping 702g and with absolutely no idea just how good life is about to get.

Mr T _JoC being collected 25-9-22.png

That evening, as the light fades, Mr T is set free after 5 weeks in our care - and immediately scuttles off where no one can see him. Not even a wave!

MrT being released 25-9-22.png

Later that night, he could be heard crunching kitten kibbles in the dark.

And since then he's no longer feeding alone....

Mr T and friend in Hampstead.png

Hedgehogs are still in decline across the UK

but according to The State of Britain's Hedgehogs Report 2022,

 local action to help them survive is making a real difference.


Moose came to us in February 2021. A previous owner surrendered him to a loving neighbour, as her circumstances had changed and she could no longer take care of Moose. This loving neighbour found us online asking for help. He stayed with our fosterer, Snow, for 2 months before he found his new forever home in Wales. He is living his best life with his new fur parent Emma, a match made in heaven!

Cinnamon and Sydney

Cinnamon n Sydney 0380030c-33cb-48d5-92fc-4c26326b222f-500x500.jpg
Cinnamon n Sydney41d7c9bd-3b61-4377-af32-e2e2f072c1e0-500x500.jpg

These two beautiful kittens have found a fabulous loving home where they can be together for the rest of their lives.  

Sydney iwas always more adventurous but Cinnamon was incredibly timid - though in time, with the care and stability of her new home, she will come out of her shell and show her loving, cuddly side.


Wanda, the stunning, and rather nervous, semi-longhaired calico cat has been rehomed to the perfcet calm and loving home.

What a lucky girl!





Confident, sun-loving Honey has also found her furever home.

She was surrendered with Lucky and Olive who are still waiting for someone to come along and fall in love with them. 

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