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Autumn & Leaf

Acorn & Butterscotch

Acorn & Butterscotch are two of Autumn's kittens.

These sisters are bonded and we would like to keep them together. 


Age: 11 weeks (approx.)

Breed: Black & white

Gender: Female

Personality: Acorn is already showing her independent streak, she is normally the first kitten investigating something new. Although independent she still wants attention like her mum and siblings and will run up to you meowing to be picked up and stroked. 



Age: 11 weeks (approx.)

Breed: Grey & white

Gender: Female

Personality: Butterscotch is a gorgeous girl and already showing that she will have catittude! She loves nothing more than being brushed and will roll around to make sure you get every strand! When she's done the brush tends to double up as a toy and she will soon be sound asleep purring away! 


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